Blissful Sleep Essential Oil Blend

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  • Let this gentle and blissful blend of essential oils help you melt away your stress and tension. A heavenly blend to soothe and calm your senses after a long day to promote blissful, restful sleep. Calming and relaxing properties of lavender, chamomile and cedarwood is a perfect combination to unwind and relax before your bedtime. Mandarin and Bergamot essential oils not only add a subtle fresh citrus aroma, but can also help relax your mind and body.

    Create a bedtime ritual for you and your loved ones when you use Blissful sleep essential oil blend with your favourite DreamPigeon Aroma Diffuser.

    Bottle size : 12ml bottle ( approximately 240 drops)

    Uses : Vaporiser, massage, hair care, cream/lotion, bath/shower gel, hand wash

    Add 2-3 drops of essential oil in your aroma diffuser, car diffuser or lava diffuser jewellery

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