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When you are in love with someone, you can’t live away from them and when you are away, you need a powerful reminder of your loved one every now and then. Bracelets for couple are a perfect way to feel the presence of your lover even when you are miles away from them.

This is Meaning: According to legend, there is an invisible crimson thread that binds us to the people we are meant to meet. It represents good luck, protection, and love, and it means that no matter how far away they are, or how long they have been apart, they will meet again, and their destiny will be fulfilled.

Red String Adjustable Size Handmade, so don’t be concerned about the size. The red thread bracelet is unisex and may be worn by women, men, teenagers, girls, and new bourns. Adjustable slip-on Smooth rope wearers to achieve the perfect fit.

Wearing this bracelet might bring good luck and health to you, your sweetheart, Boyfriend, or Girlfriend. Exceptional Gift for Him or Her – These simple red rope bracelets would make fantastic wedding or engagement gifts for new couples, best friends, or weddings!