Dream Pigeon, formerly known as TheBracelets, is a fashion-forward, one-stop online shop when it comes to finding any type of jewellery in Australia. Be it silver, gold, or any of the precious gemstones, we got you covered.

Bracelets have always fascinated both of us so much that our drawers were overfilled with our collection of bracelets. Surfing and talking about bracelets has been one of the best pastimes for us. If anyone in our circle needed to buy bracelets, they asked us for a recommendation. As a matter of fact, our recommendations often ended up in “donating” one of the precious pieces of our collection—if you know what we mean. So, this “donation” part led us to think, “Why not make money out of it”? And TheBracelets.com.au was born—our first love.

With great love and passion, we filled our website with every possible piece of bracelet available on the planet earth. Things soared up, and our bracelet website became a going concern quite soon. Here we must thank the circle of our friends who have supported us throughout our journey and still stand by our side—our “bracelet friends”.

At TheBracelets, we have always been customer people-centric, if matter if it is our staff members or our esteemed customers. Serving people is always our top priority. In this regard, we also conducted surveys to collect suggestions for further improvement.

As our customer base grew bigger, a constant suggestion we received was about expanding our inventory to more jewellery items. Our customers’ voice matters to us most, and it made us think, “Why not add more stuff”?

Over time, we deliberated on the thought of expanding and did our due diligence. Here, we thank our customers big time for their suggestions. As we discovered the market potential, it made sense to expand our inventory. And DreamPigeon.com.au was born. By the way, pigeons are a symbol of good luck, love, and freedom. In fact, if you happen to see a pigeon in a dream or reality, it is a good sign and means positive implications; interestingly, even pigeon poop is a lucky sign.

So, DreamPigeon is all about spreading love and positivity to each and every person in Australia as well as globally.

Over time, we have expanded our business to every possible item of jewellery available. Our simple philosophy is that when you serve your customers, you leave no stone unturned in all respects, and the variety of the collection is one of them.

Today, at DreamPigeon, you can find a collection of all possible jewellery types. In fact, we have literally got you all covered, right from hairpins to toe rings. You can see a vast collection of necklaces, earrings, rings, and of course, bracelets—you name it, and we have it.

Talking about the materials, we have included almost all of them:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Titanium
  • Base Metals: Copper and Brass
  • Pearls
  • Gemstones (Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, among others.)

We keep adding more and more material types to enhance the overall collection. Ruby and Emerald are the latest additions to our catalogue, along with wooden and bead jewellery.

No matter what age group or gender you are. There is one item or another to cater to the needs of all. We, DreamPigeon, are a people-driven jewellery store and keep our customer’s delight above all.

It’s you all whose support has encouraged us to come this far and stay motivated to go on and on.

Have a great jewellery shopping!