New to Essential Oils - What to know

Choosing the type of essential oils can be quite tricky especially if you are very new to the essential oil wellness world. But don't worry, you are just about to expose yourself to the healing energies of nature which is great for your mind and body!

Take small steps until you understand what works better for you. Each of us have different skin types, different likeness towards aromas and different skin sensitivities.

If you are more of a floral aroma type of a person go for oils such as lavender, chamomile, rose, ylang ylang. If you are a zesty lover, go for lemon, orange, geranium. Read the description of type of essential oils used and benefits and if you need more information there are many website online which explains each of these smells and their abilities. If you need essential oils for migraine/ immune boost/ to relax or simply to sleep better make sure to choose single oils or blends which are made for such benefits.

An oil which is great for your bestie might not be the best for you! Use your intuition and if any type of essential oil gives you skin sensitivities or you simply don’t like the aroma, discontinue using. It is good to listen to what our bodies think! If you need expert advice, listen to your medical practitioner ora health care practitioner / Aromatherapist who is qualified and trusted. Starting a wellness journey with essential oils is not so difficult like before.


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