The word Chakra which comes from Sanskrit which translates to “Wheel “ or “Disk”. A chakra is like a wheel in our system and it references the energy centers within the human body. There are seven chakras along the spine, through the neck and goes up to the crown of your head. These 7 wheels or chakras inside our body maintain the flow of energy within our body.

Its amazing how every chakra is associated with a major organ of your body which then has an affect on your overall wellbeing. So when your chakras are imbalanced or blocked, as the energy doesn't flow effectively within your body you will be faced with physical, emotional ailments.


What are the 7 chakras in your body ?

The Root Chakra 

Colour : Red


Root Chakra is the foundation of our 7 chakras which is associated with the base of your spine. This chakra represents the element of earth, which is related to grounding, our connection with the earth.

When the root chakra is  blocked: Known to create ailments such as fear, anxiety on an emotional level. On a physical level it may be connected with lower back, leg or feet issues.   

The Sacral Chakra

Colour : Orange

It is the second chakra which is located above your pubic bone and below the navel. It is related to the element water, sexuality and emotions. This chakra is closely connected with your feelings, desires & expressions.


When The sacral chakra is blocked: creates emotional stability, sexual dysfunction and can lead to depression


The Solar Plexus Chakra 

Colour : Yellow

This is a very powerful chakra which is connected with your individual power, self esteem. It also represents our personal powers and abilities. It is located from the navel to the ribcage which has an effect on functions such as digestive system, and metabolism. 

When The solar plexus chakra is blocked: Can lead to emotional ailments such as lack of self esteem, anger. On a physical level can lead to digestive issues, stomach and liver issues


The Heart Chakra

Colour : Green

Heart chakra which is at the center of your chest has the most profound influence on your entire body. It is known to be the chakra which is connected to your inner self, love, compassion, forgiveness. It also has an influence on your professional and personal relationships. A well balanced heart chakra leads to a deep sense of peace and calmness and you feel more centered with yourself.

WhenHeart chakra is blocked: On an emotional and mental perspective anger, grief, fear and the inability to have compassion or forgiveness is presented. On a physical level heart diseases, asthma are well known to occur.


The Throat Chakra

Colour : Blue


As the name suggests, throat chakra is located in your throat and has a close connection to your communication and creativity. All your communication skills, ability to tell speak the truth and language abilities are known to represent by the throat chakra. Your ability to express your feelings, emotions and truth becomes easier when throat chakra is in balance.

When The throat chakra is blocked: Becomes difficult to communicate and express yourself which affects your relationships with the rest of the world. Level of creativity tends to hinder as well. Sore throat, thyroid issues are common ailment when throat chakra is blocked.


The Third-eye Chakra

Colour : Indigo


Third eye chakra is located between your eyebrows and is known to be the centre of knowledge or monitoring. This is a powerful chakra which takes care of your intuition. Third eye chakra is associated with your ability to rationalise, self reflect and create visualization. It is connected with the pituitary and pineal glands. 

When The third-eye chakra is blocked: Stress, emotional upset and conflict with your own self are few emotional issues which can result of third eye chakra blockage. Headaches, hormonal imbalances and depression are also signs of imbalance.


The Crown Chakra

 Colour : white or violate


Crown chakra is located at the top of your head and is considered to be the connection with us and the universe. It is usually pictures as a lotus with thousand white petals which showcases the universal energy and wisdom. It is closely connected to your consciousness, awareness and wisdom and spiritual connection.

When The crown chakra is blocked: Difficulty to sleep or awake with a sense of rejuvenation, feeling of isolation and disconnection are common causes when crown chakra is blocked. It will also lead to creating difficulties when meditating or practising yoga due to lack of focus and spiritual connection.


It is vital to keep our chakras balanced which will then lead to a life full of happiness, good health and wellbeing. Practising meditation, yoga or even a walk along the beach or at the park can bring in calmness and clarity to your life. 

Our 7 Chakra diffuser bracelets are made with beautiful stone beads which represent each chakra in your body with the colours violet, indigo, light blue, green, yellow, orange, red. They are known to help balance your chakras with their balancing and healing energies.

As the bracelet is worn on your wrist, and is with close contact to your skin it makes it much easier for you to reap the benefits of the amazing stone beads which represent 7 chakras. You not only get to wear a beautiful chakra bracelet, you also get to take your favourite essential oils with you everywhere you go!

                7 Chakra Diffuser Bracelet

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What customers are saying about our Chakra Diffuser Bracelet


Jill W.

It is beautiful and i love wearing it.  Have seen another lady with the same bracelet so knew i was in good company.  I get compliments. Lovely and so easy to wear.



Stephanie O.

Absolutely love my bracelet. It’s comfortable and not chunky which makes it easy to wear every day. It’s bright and colourful and love the essential oil touch I can add to it.


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