1. Diffuse on the go!

If you are an essential oil lover like me, there is an oil which has a special place in your heart! ( Lavender … my fav) Wondered if you can take it with you to work on busy Mondays, during exam days or while commuting on public transport ? Easy fix! Diffuser jewellery made just for that purpose.
Simply add a couple of essential oil drops on the lava beads of your diffuser necklace or bracelet so you can have an instant pick me up anytime anywhere. 

2. Make Aromatherapy your best buddy

Essential oils have been in use for thousands of years and are well known for their healing power and therapeutic benefit which is connected with our physical and emotional wellbeing. Diffuser jewellery has revolutionized the way you use your essential oils and get the benefits on a daily basis. Remember, inhalation is one of the best ways to use your essential oils. When used with 100% pure or organic essential oils, you can be assured you are breathing only best air! 

 3. Say goodbye to Toxic chemicals

This is my absolute favourite part about diffuser jewellery. When you wear synthetic fragrances filled with harming chemicals, you will be breathing that toxic air throughout the day! Yikes… 
How about trading your expensive perfume to a super calming essential oil blend such as Inner Peace or Stress away blend ? Your mind & body will only say yes. You can also decide how the strength of aroma my deciding how many beads of your jewellery you want to diffuse.. Simple as that!

 4. Say No to moody days

What if you can keep smiling all day on Monday or when you have a work load with a strict time limit? Or while you are going through a tough time maintaining your relationships with loved ones at home ?
Diffuser jewellery to rescue!  Put on your Stress Away Essential Oil Blend to combat stress & anxiety or have a restful sleep with your blissful sleep essential oil blend. Feeling stressed ? Close your eyes and slowly but intentionally breathe in and out while embracing the healing aroma from you diffuser jewellery!


 5. Beauty and elegance with a purpose

Our diffuser bracelets are not only made for essential oil lovers, they are a great piece of fashionable jewellery for anyone who loves to complement their everyday wear with gorgeous jewellery. Pick your style and colour from a beautiful jewellery collection of more than 100 different types of bracelets, necklaces & earrings. They are made with semi precious stone beads which have their distinctive healing power and unique beauty which will bring happiness and well-being to your life
With Love
DreamPigeon Wellbeing Journalist

What customers are saying about our Diffuser Jewellery

The diffuser bracelet is great, looks good and works well in conjunction with essential oils. Recommend to anyone with anxiety or health issues.
- Mel S. DreamPigeon verified customer  - 7 Chakra Lava Diffuser Bracelet
I absolutely love this bracelet. Use it with stress away and calm which I love. Smell last for so long
- Ruana M. DreamPigeon verified customer  - Joy of Blue Lava Diffuser Bracelet 
A really pretty item Goes well with both casual and formal wear I love the different coloured pads for the oils so you can coordinate with your outfit
- Lesley W. DreamPigeon verified customer  - Joyful Tree of Life Diffuser Necklace

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