Organic Amethyst Stone Ear Gauge Plugs – Set of 2 by BanaVega Price:  (as of 02/01/2024 12:01 PST- Details)

Experience the timeless beauty of SOLID STONE earrings – heavier than acrylic and some metals, yet delightfully comfortable to wear. These statement-making pieces won’t weigh down your piercing. Our amazing PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS feature Ear Gauge Stretching, Gauge Plug Earrings, Double Flared Ear Plugs, and 5/8 ear gauges for men. Don’t miss out on these highly coveted plugs gauges 5/8, amethyst plugs 5/8, and 5/8 double flared stone plugs. Make a statement with these STYLISH earrings – perfect for any occasion. These stone earring plugs can be dressed up or down, making them the ultimate gifts. Plus, rest assured that the SIZE is carefully measured before we send these exquisite ear plugs gauges stone to you – ensuring the perfect fit for your unique style.

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