5-Pair Goat Devil Inverted Pentagram Earrings for Men & Women

This incredible Value Pack includes 5 Pairs (10 Pieces) of 5 unique stainless steel Fake Ear Plugs featuring eye-catching logo designs that are sure to turn heads. And the best part? No duplicates! Made with a top-notch electroplating process, these lightweight plugs boast a long-lasting color that won’t fade or chip. With a retention design in the shape of a goat and a sleek black color, these plugs are a must-have for any edgy style. Measuring at 18G (1.0mm) with a total length of 12mm and a stem length of 6.5mm, these Fake Ear Plugs give the illusion of a real gauge size of 8mm. Crafted from high quality stainless steel, these plugs are perfect for daily wear as they are durable, rustproof, and hypoallergenic. Give your sensitive ears the comfort they deserve with these stylish and high-quality Fake Ear Plugs in your collection

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