Safe practice with Essential Oils

Our essential oils collection is 100% pure which means the liquids are highly concentrated. Even though essential oils are known to be non-hazardous due to their natural properties, it is vital that you follow safe practices.

  • Essential oils should be stored out of reach of children and pets


  • Do not use essential oils for babies below 6 months, seek professional advice when using essential oils in any form for babies.


  • If using essential oils on diffuser jewellery/ aroma diffusers or any other form for children, please always practice adult supervision


  • Keep essential oils away from the eyes at all times


  • All our essential oils are in pure form with highly concentration, hence we don't recommend applying directly on skin. If applying on skin, use a carrier oil such as jojoba, olive, rosehip. It is recommended to do a patch test on inner arm before using.


  • Each of us have different type of skin and skin sensitivities and allergies. If you suffer any allergic reaction upon using essential oil, immediately discontinue use. Seek medical advice if necessary


  • We do not recommend essential oils for ingestion


  • During pregnancy or any other medical conditions always seek medical advice before using essential oils.


  • Certain essential oils can cause skin photosensitisation if exposed to ultraviolet light from sunlight / sun bed. Hence avoid direct sunlight 8 hours of application. ( oils such as lemon, lime,mandarin, orange)


  • Essential oils are known to have therapeutic properties and healing properties. However they are not substitutes for any medication.

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