Essential Oils around children

It is definitely a great step to introduce nasty free pure essential oils for your children from a young age. However make sure you take baby steps and introduce them to essential oils slowly. In this way you will identify any skin sensitivities. We always recommend seeking medical advice prior to using essential oils for kids.

We don’t recommend using essential oils for kids below age of 2 years. It is recommended to consult your doctor to make sure your kids don’t have any allergies etc

Safest way to start using essential oils around your children would be by using an essential oil diffuser. All DreamPigeon diffusers are ultrasonic aroma diffusers which are safer around children as there is no heat energy used. It is also very effective as the natural goodness of essential oils are not harmed and you can control the aroma by the amount of drops used on a diffuser.

Our cute collection of kids diffuser bracelets are also a great way to get them familiarized with essential oils while wearing a beautiful bracelet on their wrist. Please use adult supervision when diffusing the bracelets and make sure that the beads are completely dried off before they wear them.

Essential oils are not for ingestion. Always seek aromatherapist or medical advice before using on skin and dilute with a carrier oil before using on skin.  

Always keep essential oils in a place where children cannot reach them and use adult supervision when using essential oils around them in any form. Seek immediate medical attention if your child happens to ingest essential oils.

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