7 Chakra Kids Diffuser Bracelet

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    Our 7 Chakra Kids Diffuser Bracelet is handmade with lava beads and stones beads which represents the 7 chakras in human body. Balanced chakras are known to lead to healthy & harmonious life. When the lava beads of chakra bracelet are diffused with essential oils, it will help your kids enjoy the goodness of aromatherapy from a young age. Use calming oils such as lavender, Frankincense, Ylang ylang to have a calming effect on their mind.

    Our chakra bracelet will help you add the chakra colours to your life with the natural stone beads. Simply add few drops of essential oils to the lava beads of the bracelet for an aromatherapy experience on the go. Keep you kids chakras balanced and let them enjoy the goodness of aromatherapy from a young age.

    -For use with age 3 years and older.

    -Make sure to let the lava beads dry before wearing to avoid any skin irritation.

    -Use with adult supervision & never allow children to suck or chew the beads of their bracelet

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