Lavender Essential Oil

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  • Say goodbye to stress and anxiety when you diffuse your lavender essential oil filled with healing benefits. Lavender has an amazing power which helps to reduce stress and anxiety in our mind and bodies. Its calming & relaxing properties will calm your senses and bring you back to balance.

    Diffusing is a great way to get the maximum use of your essential oil as you will be breathing fresh and healing air in your living spaces. It is a great oil to diffuse in the night to help you deal with daily stress, depression, anxiety and headache as it creates a powerful connection with our nervous system. Relieve your stress and say hello to a good night's sleep which will create a beautiful morning filled with joy and energy

    Bottle size : 12ml bottle ( approximately 240 drops)

    Uses : Vaporiser,Bath/Shower Gel, Hand Wash, Haircare

    Add 2-3 drops of essential oil in your aroma diffuser, car diffuser or lava diffuser jewellery


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