Christmas Bliss Essential Oil Blend

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  • Celebrate the joy and bliss of this beautiful season of the year with our Christmas Bliss Essential Oil Blend. Heavenly combination of orange sweet, lavender, juniper berry, patchouli and cinnamon bark creates a rich, spicy and a comforting aroma which will add extra glamour to your celebrations at home. 100% Pure and natural essential oils not only fill your house with a beautiful smell, it also creates a healthy environment around your whole family.

    Orange sweet has a refreshing aroma which is also mood enhancing & an immunity supporter. Cinnamon bark is the magical ingredient which remind you of the warmth of holiday season with a spicy and comforting punch. Lavender, patchouli and juniper berry brings in the calming, mood uplifting aspect which creates a perfectly balanced essential oil for this season of love & joy.

    Bottle size : 12ml bottle ( approximately 240 drops)

    Uses : Vaporiser, cream/lotion, bath/shower gel, hand wash, massage

    Add 2-3 drops of essential oil in your aroma diffuser, car diffuser or lava diffuser jewellery

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