Our Prana Acupressure Mat Collection is an innovative re-invention of ancient healing technique of acupressure with modern technology to create a unique wellbeing experience. With the use of over 6000 spikes located on this heavenly mat, it helps you stimulate your acupoints and create firm pressure which improves blood circulation, increases energy which ultimately leaves you with deep relaxation. 

“Parana” resonates with life giving force and energy that flows around your body. As the name suggests, your Prana Acupressure Mat will stimulate your body’s natural healing powers and create energy around your body while stimulating blood flow.

Your handmade Prana Acupressure mat can be your new personal therapist post workouts, to help alleviate back, neck & head pains or help you reach deep relaxation for a blissful sleep.Enjoy this self treatment at home at your own comfort while letting your muscles release tension and reach a relaxed state of mind & body.

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